Julia Collins

Growing up in Mark Twain’s hometown of Hannibal, Missouri Julia had a Tom Sawyer like childhood running around with her siblings and adventuring in a small town. She grew up playing any and all sports she could, and started her career at Martin’s True Value Hardware where she learned a great foundation of being a hardworking, loyal and dependable employee. 

She studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Columbia College where she learned from and was supported by the tireless educator turned mentor, Dr. Liow. Her four years at Columbia College were some of the most rigorous years of her life. She ran cross country, indoor track and outdoor track and spent all of her other time in either Dr. Liow’s office or the Stafford Library working through programming challenges. 

After graduation, she spent a few years in Chicago working for an analytics consulting firm which eventually led to her becoming a data engineer at a startup in New York City called WorkMarket. At WorkMarket, she grew professionally and loved the startup experience filled with amazing camaraderie and a lot of ping pong. Her career pivoted into product management right as WorkMarket was acquired by ADP in 2018.

Mid-pandemic, she was offered an opportunity to join Lincoln Labs where she is the Managing partner of Truss and Accomplice. Being back in the midwest, she feels truly at home and was able to bring back some lessons learned out east to contribute to the growth and success of the labs she gets to work on.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Product Management, Ping pong
Fun Fact /Interesting Thing: Julia was born on her dad’s 40th birthday which was also Friday the 13th, and is a semi-pro volleyball player in her spare time
Favorite Tech/App: Spotify, Aaptiv (a workout app)