Director of digital

Calvin Krusick

An avid outdoorsman. A diehard Packers fan. A Chevy truck owner. A Busch Light beer drinker, Calvin Krusick is what many would call a true Wisconsin boy. When he’s not cheering for his favorite WI teams or spending time away from his fiance’ in the woods, he’s knee deep in product development, data and digital marketing. 

Calvin has spent most of his career leading teams and building impressive digital marketing campaigns. Over the past 10 years, Calvin has worked with hundreds of clients with marketing budgets ranging from $500 to $300k/month. He’s also managed and assembled teams from the ground up, helped lead the charge on many new product development projects, built thousands of reports and much more. His expertise in PPC, Analytics and Product is up there with the best of them.  

Currently, Calvin is still celebrating the latest Packers win (unless it’s the playoffs, then definitely mourning a heart-breaking loss). He also is the Director of Digital at Lincoln Labs.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics, Sales & Account Operations, Product Development
Fun Fact /Interesting Thing: When Cal isn’t spending time outdoors, he’s building or remodeling something. From cabins and home-made trailers to furniture, he’s built it all.
Favorite Tech/App: Venmo - who carries cash anymore?