Brand designer

Bowen Hobbs

Bowen is the resident branding + design expert at Lincoln Labs. Always analyzing what he sees in terms of color and form, Bowen is usually trying to find ways to elevate the visual aspects of the world around him. He’s been doing this since childhood, when he was sketching logos in notebooks. This love for design led him to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Communication from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

From there, Bowen worked for design agencies across the Fox Valley before landing in the tech space with DealerFire. That began an 8-year journey in automotive tech that took him across the country to Orange County, California, where he would marry his partner, TJ Hobbs.

Bowen and TJ would return to Oshkosh in 2020 where their mutual desire to elevate the world around them led to the founding of Hope Fridge, a community fridge project with three locations in the Fox Valley. While TJ leads the project, Bowen supports it as its brand designer, lending his design eye to the logo, website, flyers, and even the structures holding the fridges.

Bowen currently serves as the Brand Designer at Lincoln Labs, driving the aesthetic of the LL brand and all of the brands under the Lincoln Labs umbrella. In his spare time, he enjoys creating illustrations of his favorite athletes and rebrands of sports teams across all of the US’s major leagues under the brand UNOFFICiAL ATHLETIC.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Design/Branding: from logos and branding to website layout and advertising.
Fun Fact /Interesting Thing: Bowen designed the 2009 Midwest League All-Star Game logo for the Clinton LumberKings, a Single-A (at the time) baseball club in Clinton, Iowa.
Favorite Tech/App: My MacBook Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud