Founder + CEO

Eric Hoopman

Eric Hoopman

Eric is the eternally optimistic serial entrepreneur of our team. He enjoys at its core a good life or business challenge and the camaraderie that comes taking them on with friends and teammates. 

Whether it’s saying yes to running his first half marathon the night before the race or traveling from Wisconsin to Costa Rica 3 times by land or taking people night skiing who had never skied before.

University of San Diego Alum with degrees in French and Finance he was fortunate and found himself in the right place and right time. California. Dot com Boom Circa 1999. An entry level tech support role at Sitematic, a WYSIWYG website builder platform and the rest was history. The Tech Space had called him. We’ll skip the 10 years of cold calling and struggling to convince people they actually could benefit from building a digital presence:P

Wanderlusting, Shoploulou, Neleven all meandered him down a path that ultimately led founding DealerFire, an Automotive Tech Platform. A seven-year hard run ensued where he would meet his former accomplice and present partner, Farrukh. Exited the business in 2015.

Got married to his longtime partner Kristen that Spring and have since had two lovely kids Samuel and Lucy.

Finally, through the years he has been growing a portfolio of adaptive reuse commercial and residential properties found at BlackTeak and Rise & Grind as well as supporting/evangelizing his wife Kristen Hoopman’s new ventures The Elsewhere Collection + The Gibson Social Club.

Together they enjoy the process of creating something new.