React Developer

Lincoln Labs



Lincoln Labs is an American IT company with broad development and marketing expertise. We do both in-house product development and project development for third-party companies.

In our work we rely on the efficiency of technology and a cool team. It is important for us to choose the right toolkit and make a technically high-quality solution, as well as to understand the business value and purpose of the features.

What to do:

  • React JS / React Admin / MUI application development;
  • UI Components governance – active management of the internal component library and its development. Identification of new components, based on high-level requirements of Product/Design team;
  • Proactive participation in improving development processes. Integration of new practices, templates, libraries, to optimize team performance (development speed, productivity, etc.);
  • Working with DevOps team on CI/CD, Deploy process improvements;
  • Active coordination of React, Python developers, Product team, DevOps, Design. Requirements collection, analysis and filtering;
  • Stack Ranking / Work Estimation – High level workload estimation on “epic” to rank team priorities;
  • Proactive monitoring of the status of merge requests of the current sprint.
  • Dispute resolution assistance, to close merge requests in a timely manner before the end of the active sprint;
  • Agile/Tribe ceremonies (grooming, planning, sprint review, retrospection etc.);
  • Proactive focus on quality. Implementing new libraries, to improve testing;
  • Proactive work on code styles / patterns to improve code testability.

What’s needed from you:

  • In-depth knowledge of React JS design patterns;
  • Deep understanding of react application “components”: API clients;
  • ECMA6 / Typescript;
  • Confident knowledge of MUI components;
  • CSS Libraries (Emotion etc);
  • React Theming (styled/xs);
  • React State: redux, react-query, etc;
  • Good spoken Russian;
  • Good written English (you need to read a lot and write a little);
  • Knowledge of basic DevOps principles and approaches;
  • Active participation in API standards (request, response, auth), together with backend developers;
  • Git, Linux, Shell Scripting, Docker.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with low-code front-end solutions (React Admin, Strapi, MUI Toolbox etc);
  • JQuery/Bootstrap;
  • Experience working with CI/CD;
  • Understanding of HTTP and computer networking principles;
  • Understanding of OAuth2/OIDC principles for SPA.

We offer:

  • Position open in Georgia and Uzbekistan (you may choose);
  • Modern equipment for productive work (Macbook Pro + a couple of monitors);
  • 8-hour working day (with flexible start of the day) and remote work;
  • Support and payment for your training (online courses, certifications, relevant literature).