Senior DevOps Engineer (Azure)



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We are excited to invite experienced DevOps engineers to cooperate with our client Caret.

Caret brings the latest in technology and automation to over 10,000 legal and accounting
firms, empowering highly skilled professionals to refocus their expertise on what truly

The project
HotDocs document automation helps thousands of professionals to maximize efficiency,
minimize risk, enhance compliance, and improve quality. Our document generation tool
slashes the time it takes to draft, assemble, and distribute new documents. The
automated workflow protects against errors and ensures perfectly formatted and accurate
documents every time. Using our powerful APIs, HotDocs can be integrated with existing
processes or used to assemble documents at scale.

The Team
Our distributed engineering and product teams focus on developing our market leading
document assembly platform.
As a senior team member, you will be actively involved in mentoring colleagues, driving
architecture decisions, improving our development capabilities, and working directly with
stakeholders to deliver world-class products. In addition, your efforts will be recognized
and used by a large and growing community of HotDocs users across the globe in a wide
variety of industries.
Our team’s goal is to deliver continuous value to customers and the business in a
sustainable, quality driven environment. As we are continuously evolving our software
code base, tools and agile processes, our work takes on a combination of coding and review, changes to tools and systems and adjustments to our infrastructure and test
As a Microsoft Partner, CARET is able to offer access to the latest enterprise tools with an
MSDN Enterprise subscription.

The Role
The successful candidate will take ownership of our Azure environments and help us to
improve and iterate on our automation and infrastructure-as-code deployments. As a SaaS
company, we take pride in our uptime and put great effort into our service resiliency and
DR capabilities.
Our deployment and testing pipelines are central to ensuring the quality and stability of
our product. Builds run in Azure DevOps and employ a variety of tools to run tests,
including JMeter, Selenium, and PowerShell. We make continual investment into our
automation and can deploy PR builds directly to Azure, with stages that run from CD,
through QA and production.

As part of a cross-skilled team, you will:
– Design, implement, and manage Azure infrastructure using infrastructure as code
– Create and maintain Azure DevOps release pipelines for multiple environments
– Ensure our production systems are resilient, scalable, and monitored effectively.
– Monitor and troubleshoot Azure applications and services using Azure monitoring
and diagnostics tools
– Work with QA to ensure our test environments are effective and easy to maintain
– Help to ensure our DR processes are effective, tested and documented
– Work with development teams to implement best practices for application
deployment and performance
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive automation and continuous
improvement across all aspects of the software delivery process

– Strong experience in Microsoft Azure, including Azure DevOps, Azure Resource
Manager, Azure CLI, and Azure PowerShell
– Experience with PaaS alternatives such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and
container hosting
– Knowledge of infrastructure as code principles and tools such as Azure ARM
templates or Bicep

– Experience with Azure networking concepts, and load balancing alternatives such
as Front Door
– Knowledge of Azure Active Directory and its integration with Azure resources
– Hands-on experience with Azure Application Insights or similar monitoring and
diagnostics tools
– Experience with Azure DevOps build and release pipelines

– Prior experience of the Microsoft technology stack, including .NET, Azure and SQL
– Confidence with using git for source control of assets
– Experience of Docker containers
– Experience of PowerShell and Azure APIs

Personal qualities
– An adaptable, DevOps engineer, capable of delivering robust, quality solutions with
a high level of autonomy
– A software quality evangelist, demonstrating a commitment to best patterns and
practices including Agile
– An enthusiastic engineer with a history of taking charge of his or her own technical
and professional development
– An automation and scripting champion who is driven to replace repetitive and
manual tasks with tools such as PowerShell
– Excellent at technical communication